Does your Opencart website need upgrading?

Does your Opencart website need upgrading?

We have been working with clients on OpenCart website upgrades so that clients can benefit from the latest version of the ecommerce software. Upgrading the ecommerce platform OpenCart can be tricky for users who aren’t familiar with how the software works and how it has changed over the years,

Why upgrade OpenCart?

Since its launch in 2006 OpenCart has grown to become one of the popular software choices for an ecommerce website. The term ecommerce is an online shop selling products or services to the public.

During this time, the software has gone through many version updates each with their own slightly different upgrade process. We have put together a tried and tested upgrade procedure to upgrade any OpenCart version to OpenCart 2.3. We do this whilst retaining all customer, sales, product and website information.

Ensuring your website is up to date is also vital from a security point of view, an out of date website is more prone to being hacked than an up to date website due to the differences and advances in code as well as fixes to weaknesses hidden in the code.

The upgrade from OpenCart 1.5 to OpenCart 2.0 was a major upgrade of functionality and design. The core system was overhauled completely to offer a mobile optimised and responsive experience. Store owners can now browse and manage their online shop from any internet connected device. There were of course a wide range of additional features, bug fixes and improvements to the customer facing website and the admin panel from previous versions.

What happens during the upgrade?

Firstly, if you would like your website upgraded please get in contact with us. We can assess your website and any plugins that may be installed, some of these plugins may need upgrading as well or some may not have upgraded versions available.

We would work with your website in a development area to upgrade the website. After the upgrade has completed we would then replace your live website with the upgraded website. The online shop is then ready to start taking orders again.

Why choose eckhoMedia to upgrade your OpenCart shop?

There are various companies on the web that you can pay to upgrade your website and some of these you will never speak to personally. With eckhoMedia who regularly carry out OpenCart website upgrades, you can speak to real people who carry out the upgrades. By discussing your OpenCart upgrade, you can ask any questions or have any concerns addressed before any work commences.

We know that your website is crucial to your business, through our own experience and knowledge we always work on a copy of your website offline so that if any major problems occur your website isn’t affected.

How long does it take?

Depending on if any modules or plugins are installed we can usually carry out an OpenCart upgrade within a few day, if any modules are installed we can review and assess these with you to ensure full compatibility with an upgrade. All upgrades to OpenCart 2.x will require additional work carried out to the front-end theme files. Part of the responsive upgrade will require your theme to be recreated which is a separate process we can carry out as part of our website design service.

I would like my OpenCart website upgraded!

That’s great, we would love to hear from you. Visit our contact us page and either call us, email us or use the contact form and one of the team will be in touch to discuss the upgrade with you and get started.

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