WordPress Security Improvements

WordPress Security Improvements

We are pleased to announce that we have now rolled out a premium WordPress Security Plugin to all of our WordPress hosted websites free of charge. We will also include this plugin for free to all new website hosting customers who join us at eckhoHosting.com.

As a website design company, our job is not finished once a website has been launched. We have to ensure that we continue to maintain every website we host on a daily basis. Part of our maintenance process is to ensure that we keep up to date on all website security standards.

We offer WordPress Website Design as one of our core services and ensuring we offer the very best WordPress Security advice and guidance is always at the top of our priority list. The new premium security plugin we offer clients has over 30 website security enhancement features built in.

WordPress Security Features

  1. Secure Admin URL – Hackers generally will target WordPress because every WordPress site admin area is normally found at domain.com/wp-admin. We have hidden this admin area and replaced it with something unique to us and our clients.
  2. Brute Force Protection – Any website which is online without this can essentially have hundreds if not thousands of login attempts per hour by a bot, until it finally cracks a username and password combination that works. With brute force protection, maximum login attempt rules are put into place to help prevent such attacks.
  3. Google reCaptcha – On top of the Brute Force Protection we have also introduced Google reCaptcha to all WordPress logins. This prevents bots from attempting to login by requiring them to pass a quick “I am human” test.
  4. Malware Scanning – We have now enabled as part of this security plugin a daily Malware scanner on all of our WordPress websites. This ensures that no Malware has found it’s way onto your website and causing security risks from the inside.

The list of features goes on and on, from simple file changes to ensure each file which is normally used to exploit a website is now hidden or secured, to forcing SSL across an entire website for those who own an SSL.

We recently wrote an article about the importance of SSL for websites that you can read here. Having an SSL for your WordPress site is just as important as having it on an eCommerce website which deals with credit/debit cards.

The Internets secure future on SSL

2017 will mark the year when SSL became a serious requirement by all major browsers and website platforms. Other helpful information on this subject can be found below.

WordPress recently announced their SSL plans    |    Google has also announced their SSL plans

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