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We are all aware of the current state of our climate and how precious and fragile it is, we want to do our bit and help reduce our carbon footprint and give something back to the environment through positive change. Although we often see companies making bold claims and big plans, at eckhoMedia we want to ensure we don't over promise and under deliver. We know we aren't perfect and can improve, so our climate strategy is the first step to improving how we work and our impact on the environment, then we can reassess and make adjustments where necessary. This page outlines our current climate strategy put together in Spring 2022.

We have teamed up with Ecologi, a global organisation to help fight climate change. Part of our climate strategy is to regularly plant trees to offset the carbon we generate by designing, developing and hosting websites. Each month we plant 20 trees as standard, then for each website we host we will plant up to 3 trees a month.

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Each website we build requires electricity to power the computers we use, each website we host requires electricity. This all has a impact on carbon emissions, we ensure our computers run in low power mode, go to sleep when not used and are shutdown as soon as they aren't required. Viewing a website can also generate around 5 grams of CO2, each of our websites are built to be fast loading and easy to navigate to ensure visitors find information quickly and reduce the carbon generated.

We often need to have meetings with clients so we will use online meetings via Zoom to avoid travelling, this is a great time saver and much kinder to the environment. If we do need to travel we will use pedal power or low emission public transport where necessary. Our office uses green energy for electricity and we recycle everything that is possible to, we will never print any emails, invoices or documents to become a paperless office.

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