Improving website loading times for our clients

Improving website loading times for our clients

eckhoMedia are constantly evolving as a company to ensure that we are providing the very best service and hardware to our clients. With our fully managed website hosting, we regularly apply updates, security enhancements and improvements to our web hosting environment and websites as part of our fixed monthly managed web hosting charges.

LiteSpeed WP Cache Rollout

Today we are excited to announce that we have now rolled out the very popular LiteSpeed Caching Plugin across all of the WordPress websites that we manage. This will also become a standard for all new WordPress websites that we build, develop or manage for clients moving forward.

Stats from this improvement

For those who want to geek out a little!. Installing this plugin in connection with our existing server side LiteSpeed setup, we have managed to improve our average website load times by over 56%. Taking our websites average load times from 3.3 seconds to just 2.2 seconds. Most of our websites now fully load in under 2 seconds, some websites are even quicker.

We have also seen a great reduction in Time to First Byte (TTFB) which is the time it takes for the website to first respond when requested in a browser. Taking our websites from an average TTFB of 762ms all the way down to just 59ms. That is blisteringly fast!

Why does this matter?

Google and other search engines are always adjusting their algorithms which is how they determine how to rank your website in their search engines.  One part of this algorithm is website response time, by completing this update we have ensured we continue to make the necessary improvements to get the best possible load times for our clients which will in turn have a positive impact on your search engine optimisation.

How does this affect my website?

There is no impact to you or your website. It should now be faster to respond and load for your visitors and the search engine bots. If you would like to know more about LiteSpeed or how to further optimise and improve your website for search engine optimisation, please contact us.

What about my OpenCart website?

Our first phase of this project is to roll Litespeed caching out to our WordPress websites that we host, the second phase will be to do the same to the variety of OpenCart websites that we also host so that our clients with ecommerce sites can also take advantage of fast loading websites, more on this will be announced when available.

What if I am not a customer of eckhoMedia?

If you are reading this article and not currently a customer of eckhoMedia but would like to take advantage of our hosting environment and fast loading websites feel free to get in contact with us to discuss your options, we can provide before and after statistics of improvements to your page loading speed.

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