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09th December 2022

Keeping up to date on the latest speed tests and optimisations is very important for every website. Google which as we all know is the number one search engine is always tweaking its website speed test algorithms. This means that a website that was fully optimised 1-2 years ago might no longer pass today’s testing.

As of writing this article Google’s current version of its page speed tester will test your website using an emulated Desktop and Mobile device and take average internet speeds into consideration. So whilst your website might load super fast for you if you are on a fast internet connection, it might not load so fast for your customers who might be on slower internet connections.

Because the goal posts of website optimisation are always changing, a website that had a good performance score a year ago might not have a good score today. This is because scanning algorithms change but so does your website. Maybe someone has uploaded larger than acceptable images which are slowing down your website or maybe some plugins that provide certain functionality to your website have become more bloated than they were and cause your website to have bloated files which also impacts performance. There can be dozens of reasons why your performance score changes over time so it’s important to monitor it.

Why is it important?

Google will score your website on 4 key areas

  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Best Practices
  • SEO

All of this data is then used as part of Google’s search results algorithms which means if you have a poorly optimised website you might rank much lower than a competitor who has very good website optimisation.

What’s the solution?

Regularly checking your website’s performance every 1-2 months is always a good first step to keeping on top of your performance scores.

You can also make sure staff who have admin permissions are properly trained on image and content optimisation to ensure any edits are always following best practices.

How can eckhoMedia help?

We live and breathe web design and web development, covering almost all aspects of website management. We are constantly refining the services we offer to ensure we are in the best position to advise our clients on the best practices to follow.

We can run scans on your website which will give us a quick indication of the overall performance of your website and we can advise on any of the results. We can also optimise many factors of your website from tried and tested methods to new and inventive ways of ensuring your website performs at it’s very best using latest technologies and coding practices.

If you need help with your website performance optimisation contact us today!

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We starting working with eckhoMedia towards the end of last year (2021), for a complete re-design of our website. Our current website was not meeting the business needs. We set a call with Rick and Simon, who both took the time to understand our business and created a fantastic looking website, which we are very proud of. The journey from start to finish was flawless and both Simon and Rick were on-hand every step of the way, to ensure the best possible outcome. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

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We (Dragonfly Leisure) recently commissioned EckhoMedia to overhaul and update our website. We were delighted with the result and more importantly so were our customers! They provide fantastic support and nothing is ever too much trouble. We've been using EckhoMedia for 7 years now and would definitely recommend them.

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