Avon Valley Railway

The Client

Avon Valley Railway is a charity that is dedicated to restoring steam trains on the stretch of closed railway at Avon Valley, the line started to be restored in the early 1970s and today three miles of track has been restored opening the railway to tourists, visitors and enthusiasts with regular events, open days and enthusiasts involvement.

What We Did

Our brief for this project was to bring the website fully up to date making use of modern technologies and to make the website a ‘destination’ rather than an enthusiasts website which the previous website featured. We designed, developed and implemented a bespoke website design that reflected the colours from the existing logo and branding, using high quality imagery and a wider design we were able to make full use of modern web browsers to give a wow effect when visiting the website. The website was made fully responsive to allow any visitor to access information on any device or platform. The railway hold regular events and publishing these on the website was a main priority which we achieved from the homepage and an inner events page to clearly list events and manage them from the backend software of WordPress that powers the website. Integration of the website into social media was also included in the project to promote events and news and also show correct data when posting links on social media channels.

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