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18th November 2022

Earlier this year we pledged to become a climate conscious web design agency by supporting global projects to offset carbon emissions and plant trees, helping us to become climate positive and support the global need for tree planting.

Since signing up to Ecologi in April 2022 we have so far planted 335 trees, supported 14 global projects and offset 5.7 tonnes of carbon, that’s not bad for 7 months of work, but we know we can do more.

As well as planting trees we are also supporting global eco projects such as:

  • Using methane to generate electricity and reduce emissions in India
  • Supporting a wind power project in Thailand
  • Protecting the Tambopata-Bahuaja Biodiversity Reserve in Peru
  • Generating electricity from landfill gas in Brazil
  • And many more…

How and why are we doing this?

Each month we plant a minimum of 20 trees as our commitment, then for each client that hosts their website with us we plant a further number of trees depending on their hosting plan, the bigger the plan the more server resources are used and the more carbon offsetting is required, just viewing a web page can generate up to 5g of CO2.

We are genuinely concerned about our planet and the global need to plant more trees to reduce humans global CO2 emissions and as a company we want to help in any way we can. Our team are passionate about the world we live in and helping to protect the planet.

What is our climate strategy?

We have developed our climate strategy inline with our day to day business model that so we can do our bit to keep as eco friendly as possible.

At eckhoMedia we have agreed to the following:

  • Build sustainable websites that are fast loading to reduce server load which in turn reduces carbon being generated
  • Organise online meetings via Zoom to reduce unnecessary travelling to meet with clients, we do prefer face to face and there are times when we still need to but we keep this to a minimum
  • We use green energy suppliers for electricity in our office
  • Nothing is ever printed to avoid wasting paper and electricity

You can read more information on our climate strategy page.

Who are Ecologi?

You may be thinking who is this organisation Ecologi? Possibly like you we hadn’t heard of them much but after doing some careful research found them to be one of the most impactful ecology platforms. Actually founded in Bristol (we loved that fact) by a group of environmentalists in 2018 the organisation has so far funded 52.9 million trees and offset 2.3 million tonnes of CO2, that’s just amazing!

All of the work Ecologi does is completely transparent, certificates for trees planted, public viewable financials, glowing reviews and evidence of carbon reduction all cemented this was the organisation we wanted to partner with for our climate strategy.

How can you help?

All of our clients that host their website with us are already helping offset carbon and plant trees, we will also help advise clients if they want to setup their own strategies and platforms.

We encourage clients existing and new to ensure their websites are fast loading and easy to navigate to reduce carbon generation, we have suitable tools and methods to achieve this. If you are interested in learning more about speeding up your website please contact us.

Does that sound good?

If the above sounds good to you and you are interested in a new web design project from a climate conscious web agency why not get in contact with us to find out more about what we can do for you. In case you were wondering, we haven’t jumped on the eco bandwagon for a marketing tool, we are genuinely concerned about our planet and want to help in the way we can.

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We starting working with eckhoMedia towards the end of last year (2021), for a complete re-design of our website. Our current website was not meeting the business needs. We set a call with Rick and Simon, who both took the time to understand our business and created a fantastic looking website, which we are very proud of. The journey from start to finish was flawless and both Simon and Rick were on-hand every step of the way, to ensure the best possible outcome. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Kinetic Alliance Ltd

The eckhoMedia team were excellent throughout the redesign and redevelopment of our Jenkins Developments Ltd website. They were proactive keeping the project on track and punctual meeting deadlines. Would highly recommend.

Jenkins Developments

eckhoMedia recently helped us in developing our new website. Everything was completed on time and on budget and we are very happy with the website and the customer service we received. Highly recommended.

JS Reakes

We have worked with eckhoMedia now on a number of projects and we continue to be impressed. It is refreshing to work with a company that has such good, open and clear communication and does exactly what they promise to do. They are pro-active, and we always feel we know where we're up to with the projects. In short, great company, can't recommend them highly enough

Ardo Medical

We (Dragonfly Leisure) recently commissioned EckhoMedia to overhaul and update our website. We were delighted with the result and more importantly so were our customers! They provide fantastic support and nothing is ever too much trouble. We've been using EckhoMedia for 7 years now and would definitely recommend them.

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