Email Marketing

Keeping your customers, subscribers or members up to date with news, information, offers or events is important for your business or organisation. Having a safe database to be able to email is very effective and can be used whenever required. We always encourage clients when starting out with a new website project to consider email marketing and we can setup and manage this for clients if required.

Using the email marketing platform Mailchimp we can help with setting up the account, creating lists in which to store subscribers email information, designing and putting together email campaigns and managing the account. We have used this platform for many years and always recommend to our clients due to its ease of use and integration with any website using simple HTML code. Emails sent using the software are tracked so you can analyse the number of opens and if being used to promote a product whether that turned into a sale and a good return on investment.

Email marketing is cost effective and we can discuss with you the various routes to getting setup and start sending your first email campaign.

"The result was beyond our expectations, we now have something we can be proud of"

Richard Borley | The Mosaic Company

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