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Advertising on Google can sometimes be a daunting experience, especially when no control or budget is put into place. Many Google AdWords campaigns end up over spending and under achieving and that is where we come in with our years of experience to maximise your ROI and manage your Google AdWords strategy for you.

Our Approach

We don’t believe any 2 websites or marketing strategies are the same. Our first step is to carry out comprehensive research on your products/services and keyword strategy. This research is then presented to you and generally a decision is advised if the campaign is cost effective or if the market is over saturated already which will lead to a high risk campaign budget.

Our Reports

After completing our research we will provide you with a detailed report which will cover all of the following

  1. An explanation of your target location whether local traffic, nationwide or global traffic is best suited for your campaigns targets. This is normally decided based on a cost to ROI ratio.
  2. We will highlight all the keywords we have researched and inform you of the potential clicks that can be achieved from those keywords and the associated costs.
  3. We will provide estimated traffic numbers based on a budget you can set.
  4. We will researched additional alternative keywords which might be more cost effective that you might not have considered already.
  5. We will provide you with a final evaluation and our recommended budget/strategy

Our Management Service

We have a flat monthly fee for our management service, and we let you set/control the weekly/monthly spend with Google. Our management fee includes

  1. Setting up your campaign based on our research and the strategy we agree with you before starting.
  2. Controlling your campaigns budget and maximising ROI.
  3. Regular weekly checkups on your campaign, tweaking the strategy as new data from the campaign history becomes available.
  4. Monthly reports on how the campaign is going and quarterly campaign reviews.

Landing Pages

You can have the traffic targeted at any pages you want, this might be your website home page, a particular service page or a category/product on an eCommerce website.

Landing pages are normally created and tailored to have a specific objective. This might be to encourage an online enquiry or buy a particular product. By creating a specific landing page you can increase conversion rates and better track the campaigns performance.

An Honest Approach

We don’t believe every campaign will be successful and we are always honest and upfront about the risks involved in correctly managing the campaigns budget. If we feel from our research the ROI for your targeted campaign is not going to be cost effective we will happily tell you before any campaign is started.

Sometimes when there is no clear outcome from our research we recommend a controlled 3 month trial where we manage and monitor the budget very closely and then carry out a 3 month review based on actual data we gather during the campaign. Initial research is only based on Google’s estimation tools and is never 100% accurate when compared to an actual 3 month trial.

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What Our Clients Say

ARDO Breastpumps UK
ARDO Breastpumps U.
09:28 06 Mar 19
We have recently started working with the guys at eckho and we have been so impressed with their knowledge, and their efficiency in getting the work done, say they are going to do it and it is booked in and done.
Jane Freeman
Jane F.
09:46 30 Jan 19
Excellent service. Very informative, prompt and easy to contact. Response time is great and they always get the job done.
Alice Malone
Alice M.
16:18 25 Jan 19
EckhoMedia have been extremely helpful and efficient in answering all our queries regarding our website. Their communication is excellent and we would highly recommend their service!
Dawn Harris
Dawn H.
14:11 25 Jan 19
These guys have been brilliant!! They have certainly saved our skin a few times. Really nice people to work with, prompt and efficient. Would definitely recommend.
Nicky Hawkins
Nicky H.
13:35 25 Jan 19
Exceptional service. Very prompt to respond to any requirements and changes which has been brilliant. They are very easy to communicate with. Eckhomedia's technical work and guidance assisted the charity in updating their website with no hitches.
Kiki Paddy
Kiki P.
15:01 28 Dec 18
Top notch job done with logo design and web design. Highly recommend.
Danielle Bayard
Danielle B.
10:35 28 Dec 18
Exceptional service. Very prompt to respond to any requirements and changes which has been brilliant. They are very easy to communicate with. I have also been really impressed with Eckhomedia's technical work and guidance.
charlie guest
charlie G.
07:38 04 Apr 18
It was great working with Rick. We couldn't be happier with the website and service provided. There were a lot of changes ongoing from our side throughout the process, Rick was always flexible in his approach.
Richard Borley
Richard B.
15:07 14 Mar 18
Excellent, professional and attentive service from Echomedia. Highly recomended for web design and social media management. Simon and his team are a pleasure to work with.
Erica Crossman
Erica C.
09:30 07 Mar 18
Rick and Simon have come to the rescue of Plants Enhance following a horrible experience with a local so say Web hosting/design company. Rick could not have been more helpful and reassuring. A new E commerce website was created very quickly and very efficiently and whilst Plants Enhance has taken a hit in trade I am glad to say that business is starting to return. I am now looking forward to the future knowing that I will be working with Rick and Simon and I cannot recommend Eckhomedia highly enough.
giles goodbody
giles G.
11:59 01 Dec 16
Simon and his team at Eckomedia continue to be very professional and responsive to the ever growing needs for an ecommerce website to grow. Always approachable and very quick to act with development needs we may have to progress the business further... Well done and keep it up guys :-)
BMI Solutions
16:24 30 Nov 16
Outstanding service provided for all our website needs!
John Keegan
John K.
12:15 05 Nov 15
eckhoMedia has been of vital help to me in building up my plumbing business. Costs are modest, and search engine optimisation is so good that JPK Plumbing is now on the first page of Google. Simon is very helpful and very patient with my ignorance of computers. I can recommend eckhoMedia very highly.
Michelle Rochester
Michelle R.
14:53 03 Nov 15
Simon was approachable and friendly. He understood the ethos of the charity and was able to translate our mission and purpose into a website. We have received feedback from the public and professional organisations of how user friendly and warm our website it, so we were really pleased that the website was working for our service users as well as us. Simon has made a difficult task for us very enjoyable and I would not hesitate in recommending his services. We have just recently asked him to take over the branding and marketing of our charity.
Giles Goodbody
Giles G.
16:17 02 Nov 15
Simon and his team have been taking care of our two sites for a few years now and has always been very professional and ready to help quickly with any little problems that occur. We know we can rely on him and his team and have confidence that they will always do their utmost to ensure the sites are well maintained and kept up to date with any technical advancements at all times.
Sina Capaldo
Sina C.
11:57 02 Nov 15
Simon Feukes and his team at Eckhomedia, are not only a web development company, they troubleshoot all my computer queries, they provide a gold plated service, always there on hand if you have any problems.A company I truly recommend, who are not only brilliant at their job but know their stuff inside out.Truly fantastic!!!
Sue Hill
Sue H.
10:13 31 Oct 15
eckhoMedia have created three websites for our businesses, one of which is e commerce. We have been delighted with the professionalism offered by this company. I look forward to working with eckhoMedia in the future for another web site.
Malcolm Orr
Malcolm O.
11:39 29 Oct 15
We loved working with eckhoMedia, and would highly recommend to anyone thinking of a new website.
John Pearce
John P.
12:17 27 Oct 15
eckhoMedia provided us with a fresh new website and helped us build a complicated back-end to our website that involved a lot of different features. As this was made totally from scratch, We needed to make a lot of changes and amendments, Simon has been very helpful and tolerant with our constant need for sometimes large changes to the system.
Richard Borley
Richard B.
15:45 26 Oct 15
Our tired and under-achieving website was overdue a re-furb. We approached the guys at eckhomedia and described what we needed. The process from the initial contact to the day the website went live was a painless and pleasant one. The result was beyond our expectations, we now have something we can be proud of. I would not hesitate to recommend eckhomedia to anyone with similar needs.
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