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We understand that having a strong brand is an essential part of your business, the branding is a visual identity of your business that your customers will remember you by. Your logo should be appropriate to your business, professional looking and memorable. Our Bristol team of logo designers have worked with a range of small, medium and large businesses to develop a professional branding identity.

Branding & Logo Design Projects

Some of our recent logo and branding designs we have produced for our clients.

What are the key elements for a great logo?

Your business identity shouldn’t be underestimated, it can set you apart from other similar businesses and ensure the success of your business. The following points are important to consider for your business identity.

  • A memorable company logo will ensure customers return time and again.
  • Trust is built with your customers through a strong branding identity.
  • Ensure your business stands out from the competition.
  • Helps to generate motivation amongst employees and business partners.
  • Strong logo identity makes a great first impression of your business.

What is included in the branding process?

Quite often when clients approach us they have no logo or brand and need some guidance and help with achieveing this, sometimes clients already have a logo and need it refreshing and modernising to fit comfortably with modern design and styles.

Following an initial meeting with you and going through some in-depth questions to ensure that we know the root of your business, we can then produce a series of branding concepts where one will become your final logo.

Our team of designers research your market to get a full understanding of the product or service that you are providing and ensure your logo will have the most impact through the use of great typography and colours.

The colour of a logo is an important part of the process, carefully chosen colours which are appropriate to your business area are used that will make your logo stand out from the competition and give your business a unique look and feel.

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"The result was beyond our expectations, we now have something that we can be proud of"

Richard Borley | The Mosaic Company

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