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We have been working with ecommerce platform OpenCart for nearly a decade and seen the software platform grow with popularity and expand its features since its first version. OpenCart is our preferred ecommerce platform and allows us complete control over the look and feel of the website along with thousands of modules available to add additional functionality and features to various clients websites.

Just like our other preferred platform, WordPress, other agencies have developed their own ecommerce system, or use tools that aren’t suitable for the job. This gives clients an issue when they want to expand their website or upgrade it, especially if the original company can no longer support the dated website.

With OpenCart the software is widely supported and has become a very popular industry platform powering over 340,000 websites across the world.

Complete customisation

The OpenCart platform allows us to design and develop websites for clients in a variety of ways and based on budgets. We can easily customise the default template to fit your brand and preferred colour palette or we can design a bespoke website layout that will not even look like OpenCart once we are finished.

One of the reasons why we love OpenCart is the customisation it allows, this means we can practically achieve any layout based on our clients requirements, some ecommerce systems you are limited to a set of templates that are additional cost each year, with our expertise and service you can get the website you want powered by a great ecommerce system.

So many extensions

Once installed OpenCart is already feature rich with its in-built set of tools, but there are often times when additional functionality is required to expand or add more features to the customer experience on a clients website, with a library of thousands of possible modules and extensions pretty much anything is possible.

With our existing clients we have built up a library of preferred modules that are tried and tested and have been put through their paces in development areas to test their compatibility with other modules and themes.

Quite often modules are updated to fix bugs or add additional features, we are also able to provide support on upgrading these modules and testing them for clients.

Complete store control

With OpenCart you can have complete control over your online store. Products, categories, stock, orders and customers all can be managed from the intuitive administration panel giving clients an overview of their website and business in one easy to use system.

Along with all the modules that are built into OpenCart, there are various payment modules to allow transactions through PayPal, Worldpay and SagePay to name a few. There are various shipping methods, currency rates, user permissions, customer and sale reports, product downloads, reviews and product options that will fit practically any business, if something is missing there will be a module to achieve the result!

Simple to upgrade

OpenCart is open-source and completely free to use, there are no annual licence fees or hidden costs. The only costs associated with OpenCart are for additional modules, support and design work which are provided by agencies like ourselves.

This also means that upgrading OpenCart is simple and straightforward, we have developed our own process and procedure that is tried and tested that will take an older version of the platform and upgrade it to a stable more recent version.

We have upgraded many clients OpenCart websites from quite old versions to new stable versions and retained all product, customer, category, brand and order data. The only parts of OpenCart that arent always upgradable is the website template as this has changed between major versions, but we can provide full design and development support with this.

Recent OpenCart Projects

"The result was beyond our expectations, we now have something we can be proud of"

Richard Borley | The Mosaic Company

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