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We have been working with leading content management system WordPress for just over a decade and offer complete WordPress website design and development to our clients. Using this software platform is a matter of choice and allows us to develop websites that give clients complete control over the content on the website.

Some website design agencies have designed and developed their own content management systems that are either bespoke to a clients needs or business area. Unfortunately these are often not kept up to date or if the author stops support the client is left with an insecure and unusable website in terms of future growth and development.

We love WordPress due to its ease of use and the advantage of being incredibly search engine friendly. The web platform is also continually updated making it one of the most safest and secure platforms available.

Simple content management

Using the built in tools to Wordpress it is incredibly simple to update your existing website content, add news articles, blog posts, update images and create galleries just using your web browser.

Content can be quickly created with ease just like writing a document in word processing software, the same icons and tools are available.

When used in conjunction with Yoast, our preferred SEO plugin you can even control the content that is published to search engines, quickly and easily.

Limitless range of plugins

With a Wordpress website the possibilites are nearly endless, using the thousands of plugins available allows us to create a website to suit any clients needs.

Basic ecommerce functionality, information forums, image galleries, slide shows, secure pages, contact forms, security enhancements, visitor tracking, Mailchimp integration and many more plugins are available and can be added to any Wordpress website.

As a design agency we have a set of preferred plugins that we always install and configure for our clients as standard in our development projects.

Fully customisable design

We don't believe in buying ready made templates and themes from various sources on the internet, all of our Wordpress websites are designed and built from scratch for each client.

Using a purchased theme usually comes with alot of code bloat and plugins that aren't necessarily required, the template may not be written well and problems may come to light in the future and the author has stopped supporting the theme which would cause clients problems.

We design and develop our Wordpress websites with speed and search engine optimisation in mind, all of our websites are fast loading, well written and use the latest coding frameworks, we know our code and know it will work regardless!

Search engines love Wordpress

One of the great things we love about Wordpress is how search engine friendly the web platform is, we have found it to be one of the best in the industry.

With our various clients and the business areas that they work in any blog post or news article once published in Wordpress will appear in either Google or Bing search results sometimes within hours, and sometimes even quicker that that.

Using the preferred SEO plugin Yoast, clients if they wish have full control over the page titles, descriptions and page links that appear in search results. The plugin also allows for full customisation of social media meta data which is also just as important, these features make Wordpress a very powerful and useful business tool.

Our Recent Wordpress Projects

"The result was beyond our expectations, we now have something we can be proud of"

Richard Borley | The Mosaic Company

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