Google launches mobile first indexing for all websites

Google launches mobile first indexing for all websites

Over the past few weeks Google has been officially launching its mobile first indexing algorithm for all websites, this now means that the search engine giant, Google will now use the mobile version of your website for indexing and ranking in search results.

As visitors to websites from mobile devices increase and which overtake access from conventional desktop or laptop computers, Google will now use the mobile version of any website to help users find the information, products or services that they are searching for.

In the past Google’s system of crawling, ranking and indexing websites have used the desktop only version of the website and content, this has caused issues for visitors when they arrive at a website and the mobile version is completely different from the desktop version.

From analysis of our own client’s traffic we are seeing that on average visits from mobile devices are currently 60% of all traffic, with 35% being from desktops and laptops and the remaining 5% from other internet connected devices.

What will happen if my website isn’t mobile friendly?

The need for a responsive website is extremely necessary to ensure your website stays visible to your potential customers and visitors, with this new change by Google if your website isn’t mobile friendly it will likely disappear from view in the top search results and be replaced by your competitor’s website.

But don’t panic just yet, your website won’t disappear completely if you only have desktop optimised content your website will still be indexed, but mobile websites will be given priority. For example, there are times when a non-mobile friendly website still has the best information and will appear higher in search results. If you have a responsive website already you wont be affected by this change.

As well as being penalized by Google for not having a mobile friendly website you can also be penalized for having slow loading content, Google wants to serve websites and content to visitors as quickly as possible especially over slower internet connections and devices.

What can I do to ensure my website doesn’t get affected by this change?

If your website is now already mobile friendly there are two options available to you, the first option is to convert your existing website into a responsive, or mobile friendly website. This option is not always possible and depends on the current structure and layout of the website in question, but if this is possible implementing this will mean your website will be fully responsive and comply with Google’s new algorithm.

The second option is to re-design and re-develop your website from scratch with mobile optimisation in mind, with this option your website would be fully responsive and work well on any device as well as complying with the new Google ruling.

We don’t want to panic readers or force them into replacing their website, that’s not the purpose of this article. This is purely to highlight the changes that are happening and how it will affect our clients and owners of websites everywhere who do not currently have a mobile optimised website, if you already have a mobile friendly website there is no need to panic or change your website, apart from keeping on top of content updates.

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